Leadership Begins at Home Plate is a comprehensive program which utilizes 5 Pillar Performance for Living and Leading. We believe as athletes practice 5 Pillar Performance for Living and Leading which includes, Integrity, Humility, Compassion, Courage and Discipline, on and off the field, they develop habits which positively impact their life’s trajectory.  In practicing 5 Pillar Performance for Living and Leading in our homes and in our business, we have been able to contribute towards the personal growth of our family members and the professional growth of our clients.

Our goal is to inspire a commitment towards becoming the best version of yourselves and Leadership Begins at Home Plate marks the beginning of the journey many youth, athletes, parents and employee’s will take to reach personal and professional success.

Full Circle Consulting System’s created Leadership Begins at Home Plate to support development for youth, college and professional athletes. In addition, considering that learning first begins at home, parents have found Leadership Begins at Home Plate to be life-changing for them, serving as a catalyst towards becoming a better parent. As parents continue to utilize 5 Pillar Performance for Living and Leading, the level of expectations for children remains high, causing children to stretch and grow. Having high expectations for our children conveys belief, and as they continue to develop, they too will have high expectations for themselves in the home, in the classroom and on the amateur and professional athletic field.

Navigating life on and off the field can be difficult for athletes.  We are looking to share Leadership Begins at Home Plate and 5 Pillar Performance for Living and Leading to help individuals to become the best version of themselves.  Becoming the best version of yourself entails a thorough understanding of the importance of Integrity and having moral principles to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  Demonstrating Humility allows athletes to have a modest view of themselves which supports a positive foundation for relationships with other teammates and coaches.  Athletes who have Compassion towards one another have a heightened sensitivity to the needs of fellow teammates.  If a teammate makes a bad play, teammates with compassion know how to pick up the other teammate.  In addition, developing Courage helps athletes to overcome fears and persevere through adversity.  And lastly, athletes who practice Discipline understand certain patterns of behavior can increase their chance of success on and off the field.

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