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Hunter Greene is the son of Russell and Senta Greene. He’s a big brother to two siblings, Libriti and Ethan. Hunter loves his family very much and his family loves him. You’ll see that love through photographs, interviews and in public when they are together. Hunter was born and raised in Stevenson Ranch, California where he attended Stevenson Ranch Elementary school, Santa Clarita Valley International Charter middle school and Notre Dame high school in Sherman Oaks, California. Hunter grew up playing baseball at the age of six years old and though he dabbled in throwing the football and playing basketball with friends, baseball was his passion but so was art! Once Hunter also learned he could hit a golf ball further than a baseball, playing golf became a game of fun for him as well. What Hunter enjoyed most was seeing how far he could hit the ball then driving the golf carts throughout the course. He still does that today. As Hunter went through elementary school he played baseball but also learned to play the violin for two years and played in several concerts. However, when Hunter moved onto middle school, the school did not have a music program so Hunter put the violin down and chose to study Korean as a foreign language for the next two years of middle school. As Hunter prepared to enter a rigorous high school environment, he knew he would have to be more than just a baseball player. After obtaining straight A’s through two years of his middle school, Hunter applied and was accepted to Notre Dame High School located in Sherman Oaks, California. Hunter’s freshman year he met and became good friends with his art teacher, Joseph Lee. Mr. Lee encouraged and inspired Hunter to continue his passion for art. As such, several of Hunter’s art pieces were featured on the front cover of Sports Illustrated Kids. You can view and purchase those art pieces by clicking the shop Hunter icon. While at the start of Hunter’s freshman year at Notre Dame high school and before the start of baseball season, Hunter received baseball scholarship offers from USC and UCLA. Hunter eventually chose UCLA and worked very hard throughout his high school years to ensure his ability to sign his national letter of intent to attend UCLA. Throughout Hunter’s years at Notre Dame, Hunter became great friends with his head baseball coach, Tom Dill and has had very fond memories of his other coaches, teachers, friends and most of all, his best friend, Justin “Boogie” Rorick.

Family has always been a focal point for Hunter. The cross you see hanging around Hunter’s neck and in almost every photo exemplifies his love for God, himself and his family. Hunter’s cross contains the birth stones of each immediate family member at each point of the cross as well as Hunter’s stone which is in the center. The cross was custom made for Hunter and given to him from his father, Russell as a gift for when he travels alone. The cross is to remind Hunter to keep God in his heart which is why his stone is in the middle of the cross, his parents on each end who walk beside him, his sister who’s at the top, closest to God as she battles cancer and Ethan at the bottom as the youngest sibling looking up for family guidance. Next time you see Hunter up close, take a closer look at his cross. Some of Hunter’s favorite things to do is to attend movies, excursions, fishing, boating, hiking, museums, concerts and great restaurants. Though Hunter is a pretty good cook himself, dining with Hunter can be a lot of fun. Look for updates here on Hunter’s website for music, restaurants and fun things to do. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch him at one of your favorite places.

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